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Our Vision

Our vision is to have safe and viable bicycling across our diverse community.

Our Mission

The purpose of the Yuma Region Bicycle Coalition (YRBC) is to promote safe and enjoyable bicycling for both transportation and recreation within Yuma County and its various municipalities.

YRBC seeks to promote bicycling by:

  1. Upon request, provide advice and guidance to Yuma County and to any of the municipalities therein.
  2. Represent Yuma’s concerns on issues of regional and/or national significance to bicyclists.
  3. Work to ensure that bicyclists have safe, complete and direct access to all sections of Yuma County and its municipalities.
  4. Work with government agencies to ensure that all transportation policies and projects provide safe and convenient access for all bicyclists.
  5. Support policies and legislation that increase funding for bicycle facilities.
  6. Organize public events to promote bicycling within Yuma County and its municipalities.
  7. Work with public agencies, advocacy groups, and other parties to promote bicycling within Yuma County and its municipalities.
  8. Educate bicyclists of all ages to utilize safe bicycling techniques and to follow the laws governing bicycling within Yuma County and its municipalities.
  9. Expand the availability of bike paths, bike trails, bike lanes and shared roads within Yuma County and its municipalities.pic 2 pg 1



Who We Are

The 15 person board of the YRBC consists of representatives from each of the local bicycle clubs, concerned community-centered bicyclists, and representatives of local government.  The Coalition was created in 2014 an as outgrowth of bicyclists working together with the City of Yuma Police Department to craft a modern bicycling ordinance for the City. The product of that partnership resulted in the first updating of the City’s Bicycle Safety Ordinance in over a decade.