How to get a Pass Cleaned


If the State Department of Transportation is notified that the Pass has debris it will send out a sweeper.

Here is a sample e-mail that you should modify appropriately.

Address the e-mail to:

CC the e-mail to:;;;;

Dear Arizona DOT,

I wanted to bring to your attention a serious safety/liability concern on Interstate 8 between the Dome Valley on-ramp and the Border Patrol checkpoint station near the Foothills of Yuma, AZ.

As you know, the shoulder of this section of I-8 is used extensively by cyclists... both local and touring... as it is the only road over the pass and is on all the cross-country cycle-tourist route maps. 

Currently, the shoulders are impassible by cyclists as they are strewn with construction debris (broken amber glass, everywhere, all the way up from the flashers used during the recent widening), fallen rocks, and sharp wire from exploded semi tires.