Volunteer tab picture - pg 4The Yuma Region Bicycle Coalition is happy to consider any and all areas in which you’d be interested in volunteering.  Want to write grants?  Design flyers?  Teach children about bicycle safety?  Just let us know what you’d like to do, and if it’s suitable to our needs, we’ll be happy to have you on board.

Some additional volunteer areas to consider:

  • Organizing and ordering publications for handout at various events
  • Attending City Council meetings as our representative and watching for items that are important to bicyclists
  • Attending County Board of Supervisors meetings to keep up with items of importance to bicyclists
  • Attending Planning and Zoning meeting to stay aware of changes in zoning which may impact bicyclists
  • Developing and teaching bicycle safety classes
  • Help with a YRBC event
  • Working with Yuma County and our Cities and towns to promote bicycling and being involved with projects that affect bicycling
  • Working with various schools in the Yuma area to develop safety and advocacy for bicycling