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Foothills Bicycle Club

The Foothills Bicycle club is an association of 200 active senior cyclists. From November through April each winter season we have four scheduled rides per week – on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. From May through October rides are less organized and revolve around small groups of riders. We also have social events such as potlucks and plan weekend trips to other cities for bike rides, Full moon picnics, etc.  The Sunday and Tuesday rides are shorter and are at a relaxed social pace (average 12-13 mph, 20-25 miles in length) On Thursday and Saturday the rides are usually at a higher pace (13-15+ mph) and are longer distance (30-45 miles). The first Saturday of each month is a Century Ride, meaning a ride of either 100 miles or 100 Km.

Contact Info — foothillsbikeclub@gmail.com

Website — foothillsbicycleclub.org